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    Excellent read. Thanks for the link
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    Definitely an interesting read and some very insight comments that follow.

    I am intrigued by the discussion about a dual boot WebOS/Windows 7 tablet. I think this would be a good combination. WebOS for email, apps, internet, etc... and Win 7 for productivity (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc...). Add the ability to pair with a bluetooth keyboard, connect to a wireless network (not just a wifi connection), print to a wifi printer and plug in a flash drive/external hard drive/dvd drive and this is a killer combo.

    I have been thinking about getting a netbook lately for a more portable solution, but this would be a much better fit for me.
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    Intrigued yes, but the below quote needs to happen first. Don't care about rumors of a tablet if the phones and OS are still lackluster.
    All of this cloud services stuff aside, HP's first order of business will be to design, build, and sell new Palm smartphones. The line needs to be updated as soon as possible, because the existing Palm hardware has done webOS no favors. The designs are just falling flat with consumers... sort of like every smartphone that HP has ever done has fallen flat.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    I agree totally. I replied to this solely from the tablet perspective.

    Palm absolutely needs new smartphone hardware and fast. I have had "a" Sprint Pre since June 09...but I am on my third one. Love the OS, but the hardware? Not so much.

    I am on the fence about replacing my Pre with an Evo. If Palm announces similar hardware prior to the Evo launch I will probably stick around. Otherwise, I may take a break from webOS and give Android a shot.

    Notice...I said announce. They don't necessarily need to launch at the same time as the Evo. I just need to see that something is coming soon. And not just the Pre Plus on Sprint.
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    Funny. I broke my pre again last month and got a HTC hero off ebay. You will not like android trust me. Its not even comparable to webos. All the android fans have obviously never used webos and have no idea. As far as the HTC evo goes its still android. Doesnt matter how big the screen is or how fast the processor... the phone still will run the same crappy os and i wont like it. Now im looking to buy pre again on ebay.
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    I guess I just need to get some hands-on Android time before I make my decision. Trust me...I don't want to switch. I am just afraid that Palm is not going to come through with new hardware soon enough. I hope they prove me wrong.
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    "While the fact that webOS has absolutely no concept of tethering anywhere in its DNA will help it against Apple's phone and tablet offerings, this isn't the only place where HP has an opportunity to use the cloud to one-up Apple. HP is also a cloud services company itself—the company has historically been focused on cloud consulting services and on selling hardware to cloud service providers, but it is also in the process of building out its own B2B cloud services. As far as I know, no HP-run cloud platform is consumer-facing (apart from some oddball stuff like maybe MagCloud), but that could change.

    HP is one of the few companies with the infrastructure, expertise, and money to build something like MobileMe, but better."

    This is the bit that got me really thinking about some really good possibilities for improving the Palm Profile syn management. Something, I always felt was a little bit lack luster.

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