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    Well, since we are mostly excited over this merger (and I see it's being called a merger and not a buyout), what devices do we what to see WebOS on.

    Everyone is mostly saying add a 'tablet' to the device list.

    But is everyone forgetting that Google besides having 'Android OS' (mostly for smartphones and small devices) is also pushing 'Chrome OS' which is essentionally the same kind of OS. They both are Web based OS's.

    If HP does not abandon WebOS, like some of the negative people are assuming is going to happen (there is a message thread that is betting how long HP will promote WebOS, like Compaq Computers), then how far could they take WebOS.

    I say, they can even go against Microsoft, if Google's Chrome OS takes traction, and work WebOS into a desktop OS.

    Something to think about I guess!

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    no.. chromeOS is way faster then webOS and has amazing google integration. this will never be a desktop OS and palm wouldnt waste time doing that. Maybe tablets, But apple will have that cornered.
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    HP have confirmed WebOS tablet apparently. Phones, tablets, netbooks: taking stock of the HP/Palm deal

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