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    Hey all - I am travelling to Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan) tomorrow night for two weeks, and though I won't get cellular service, I am looking forward to using my Pre for email/net over wifi; music player, backup snapshot camera/camcorder; but does anyone know how I might be able to use the GPS? I'm assuming it will get a GPS satellite signal, but I doubt the maps for SprintNav will be on the phone, and when I don't have wifi, google maps won't work.

    Any suggestions? Any one with experience with the CDMA Pre in Asia?

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    Can't help you with the phone, but wanted to pass along a caution that there's an ongoing political upheaval going on in Thailand right now. Be careful if you're going there, and read the news before you leave if you haven't heard about this yet.....
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    I've brought my Sprint Pre to Japan before.

    Google Maps on WIFI is the only thing left. In places without WIFI, you would be better off with a standalone GPS navigator unit. Or you could plan ahead and save screenshots of Google Maps like crazy when you have WIFI.

    By the way, voice & text roaming works in Japan (yes, Japan has a CDMA network), but be sure to check the price with Sprint. I recall it to be ridiculously expensive. Avoid using it unless in an emergency. No EVDO data connection, though.
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    cool - thanks for the replies.
    @vreihen yes i know about bangkok, it's pretty hectic right now. We are flying into bangkok but will leave for central thailand countryside and explore outside the city, which is supposed to be ok.

    @intelli - thanks - yeah, i knew japan has voice but it's like $2 a minute!

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