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    I just installed the WEBOS 1.4.1 previous installations removed all patches and returned my pre to it's default settings.

    This time it was perfect absolutely no problems at all. All patches preware still works. Brilliant!!!!

    So do not fear. If I have anything to go by I had no problems at all.
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    hi new to palm pre and everthing else trying to install webos install on mt phone tells me device not recognised can anybody help in simple lanquage please thanks
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    If your using quick instal you have to have developer mode on. Type upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart on the phones keyboard, an app icon will come up 'dev mode', click on it, on the page change it to yes and let it reboot the phone. Then plug it in the compuet after it reboots and wosqi should recognise it.
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    Thanks for this
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    That's ok, forget myself sometimes and just sit there shouting at quick install until I remember that's what I'm doing wrong. Some people say it is a safety issue to leave it on if your not installing stuff, so you might want to turn it off when you have finished (same way you turned it on).
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    Hi ,looking for more advice trying to install led torch but keep getting a faliure message,nothing seems to work anybody got any ideas help please

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