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    it's called kingdoms of camelot beta and it seems to play just as well on the pre as it does on the desktop! HTML 5? I don't know, I thought it was flash
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    I just started playing it, It appears to be HTML 5 and Javascript.
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    Haha, thanks for the post. You got me hooked on a new game and it's awesome that it plays on the Pre, too. Not to mention the fact that my old-2003 laptop handles it much better, too!! Thanks for the tip. :-)
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    where do i download this game at
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    its a facebook log onto facebook and type Kingdoms of Camelot into the should pop up
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    damn im trying but it says its down right now so i gots to wait
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    it should be up now
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    I'm searching in the Facebook app and it doesn't show up.

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