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    I have run into something strange.

    About a week or two ago, my Pre started to crash everything I launch the stock Photos app. Well, not always on launch, sometimes it loads, runs for a while, then crashes randomly. Once it crashes, it hangs the whle luna system, and triggers a luna restart after a painfully long 10sec freeze.

    It started happening soon after the new 1.0 version of Internalz was released, but it still happens after I uninstalled Internalz and the dependent file manager service.

    After many different tries, turns out that it crashes when trying to load the photos I took with my Pre camera. Once I delete everything in the DCIM folder, it's stable again. I thought my photos were some how corrupt, but tried moving them out of the DCIM folder into a separate folder. No more crashes.

    Now, I tried taking new photos again with the camera, still no more crashes.

    Happy I fixed it, but this is just so strange. webOS update has been the smoothest, snappiest OS to me since launch day. I have had my phone running on and on without any resets nor crashes during the first week after that update. Then somehow this started to happen out of the blue. My guess is that either the file manager service update or a ghost update triggered. (the duplicate 1.4.1 update seems to have happened to my Sprint Pre, too.)

    As I can't find any other posts on this, here's my strange experience to share. Hope I'm the only one here.
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    do you have sprint pre?

    happens to me quite often on sprint pre. Not my wifes or friends verizon pre plus. Thought it was some kind of cache/mem problems... I found that resetting couple times a day (morning and 1 @ night) avoids alot of freezes, or in our cicle, we say 'weboots'.
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    Yes, proud to be a Sprint Pre owner.

    A friend's Pre Plus had the double typing since day one, VZW refused any exchange, instead telling him to wait for the 1.4.1 update that, who knows when it's coming out...

    My resets are predictable (only when I launch the photos app), and fixable (by moving the photos out to another folder). Once I got that out of the way, has been solid as a rock to me.

    If you have non-predictable reset, I would suggest that you start removing patches and other deep-in-the system homebrews, and then reinstalling them one by one, to see if any of them are causing the freezes.
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    i had a similar problem also, but since the update it's been running smooth

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