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    i dont even remember any updates to these apps
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    i guess we could use hp's help now lol
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    please google...
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    WebOS is competitor to Google now. We should be happy to have these apps at all.
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    i dont consider us
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    If the code for the YouTube app is open source, ANY developer could update it. I'm still struggling with my first app, so that developer is not me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    Actually the Youtube app works *great* and is a good deal better than the iPhone version as we always play the higher quality streams. Sure you can't "comment" on vids from the app but really....I'm using it for entertainment or to win an argument, not site there reading immature comments all day.

    "If you don't forward this reply in 10 seconds, you will be haunted by 'Steve Jobs Nuthuggers' and you will become impotent for life" lol
    to me that's just the problem. If you don't have atleast 4 bars or so youtube does not work. The quality is to high for a 3bar connection a lot of the time. When I'm out getting my car worked on or in a doctors appointment I could care less if I have the hq stuff, all I want is to be entertained and I can't because the quality is to high. On my touch pro it streamed with the quality your connection was capable of. Had a good connection it ran hq. Bad connection and it was a little pixilated but at least I was still watching it. I also miss the recommended videos that would come up after the video was over. That was if you are watching part 1 of something then part 2 would automatically come up as a recommendation instead of back swiping and searching some more for what you need.
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    it might be a palm app
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    For the maps app I think it's a lack of tools right now, I suspect we'd have to wait for the PDK/hybrid apps to become possible.

    I hope by that point they will work on getting us a native version, like on the iPhone.
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    there is still improvements that can be done with the current sdk that they havent done
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    Has anyone tried to doctor to see if it would help google maps load any faster? Sometimes it takes so long for it to load the screen will turn off.
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