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    The Hot Apps competition is well under way. My school semester is finishing up, too, so I was thinking about investing some of my newly acquired time programming an application for WebOS.

    As of the time of writing, the free app threshold was 13,627 downloads. The paid app threshold was $632.61 in revenue.

    These seem pretty high! I don't know which would be easier, to get over 13,000 free downloads, or to make over $600. They both seem pretty unlikely with only 64 days left, and who knows how long it'd take me to actually -program- an app, and then to get it approved. IIIIII don't know.

    So which do you think would be easier to make the list with, a free or a paid app? Think it could be done?? Probably not something I'd put money on...
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    I'd go with a paid App. I pushed out a paid app (MediaVault) 2 weeks ago, and its now #137 (last time I checked). In the first week, it debuted at #198, now its just climbing up, like an unstoppable machine.... So yah, you might be better of with a paid (but good) App.

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