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    Deleted a lot of emails from the trash yesterday using the empty trash option. (over 1100) And now all my email accounts are gone. 4 different accounts gone. I restarted and they came back for a while but disappeared again. All accounts are gone from preferences.

    Pre shows no email accounts set up.

    I have tried to set them up again and the "Add an Account" process seems to just hang up.

    I am on Verizon using 1.4

    The email program itself seems to be damaged or not functioning

    How do I get the email program operating on the phone?

    Any ideas?
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    Alright it is all fixed and back to normal.

    The sad part is I had to figure out how simple this can be on my own. A little hint or suggestion would have been nice folks. I do however understand the part about letting people learn on their own. Hints are nice though.

    This phone and operating system are smarter than I am.

    I first wrote down all installed apps, tweaks, and patches. There were more than I thought.

    Went to device info and at the bottom is the reset button. Pressed it and then chose Software and settings reset. (I think this is accurate)

    I held my breath.

    About 2 hours later (not on WiFi) reset was complete.

    Reinstalled Preware and all my pacthes etc.

    Many were already there.

    WOW! This is a really cool operating system.

    Thank you Palm!

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