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    Because webOS hadn't been invented yet, eh? My Pixi got swiped yesterday. Crucial that I was able to remotely wipe the device (no need to get the IT guy involved--oops, we don't have one of those here at work), then filed my insurance claim. Meanwhile, desperate to stay wired, I fired up my last Sprint device, a Pearl 8130. I started at 8 p.m. getting it ready. I went to bed at midnight, with the promise that email would be up and running in a couple of hours. It wasn't. More calls over breakfast (ugh), and finally it's working, kind of. The keyboard is clunky, the interface inelegant, doing anything on it is labor intensive...probably a prime cause for carpal tunnel syndrome. I cannot wait to get my replacement Pixi.

    Yeah, and I'm talking a Pixi. The belittled device because it isn't as powerful as the Pre. While I disagree with dissing the Pixi - I love its size and keyboard, much preferred over the Pre for who I am and what I do, to think that such an alleged lightweight can so totally trounce Blackberry was almost unimaginable pre-webOS (and yes, I'm remembering iPhone--remember it's less than spectacular technological debut (not talking sales and popularity--those were amazing - it's geek factor was really limited)).

    Anyone else ever forced to go backwards? Other comments?
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    sorry to hear that your pixi got swiped .
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    I currently have a Pre and a Curve (for work) and am right there with you... how did I ever think this Blackberry thing was so great? Palm absolutely blows ANY Blackberry out of the water, no contest! Inelegant is a great way of describing the Blackberry as compared to Palm, well put. Here's hoping you get back on track soon!
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    Your comparing the Palm Pixi to the Pearl? A better comparison would be the Tour 9630.
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    Ok so compare it to the Tour 9630...still no contest! BB has alot of catching up to do.
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    I actually am being forced to do this right now, I have the bestbuy blacktie warranty and they gave me a new Tour as a loaner phone since my buddy was working and this thing is a POS, I always jokingly made fun of all of my BB friends about their outdated phones, but now I really will. These things are garbage, I don't know how people can even use them. The UI makes doing most tasks unproductive and slow. Blackberries are a joke. I miss you palm pre
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    I had to use an old Treo 700w (Windows Mobile) for a week a few months ago, when my Pre was out for service. I never used WinMo before that, and will never use it again. It took something like 7 taps to make an SMS message go away! My phone before the Pre was a Treo 700p (PalmOS), and I don't think that I could go back to that, either.....
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    I had an HTC Excalibur (S621) before the Pre; then some day it broke and could only use the Voice Command feature to make calls haha.
    I began my quest for a new phone and was about to buy the Storm II... after looking at many phones i saw a video showing some features on the Pre, and i instantly thought of a ''pocket-MacBook''

    Im personally in love with my Mac, those who have used one (but not just in a store haha, actually owned one) know what im talking about.
    So for me it was like having a device that could let me do anything simpler and quicker than any other, accessing things with just a few taps/flips etc and a very nice UI as well.

    I can say to you ... Will I ever go back to Windows? NOO
    Will i ever go buying another smartphone (not having WebOS)? HELL NOO

    see you

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