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    Hey everyone, has this been happening to anyone recently? When I open a contact and try to send a text, it sometimes doesn't work. I click on the SMS button and nothing happens at all. This only seems to happen to one contact so far... and it just happened this past weekend. I've tried restarting, deleting the contact and re-adding it... nothing seems to help. For some reason it's like that number is blocked or something and I can't text it.

    Has anything like this happened to anyone?
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    I know others have made threads with the same problem but I don't remember if it's the same problem ahha :/
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    I have the same probblem with one number I've deleted it off the phone out of google contacts and just plain entered the number and it still won't work and it's really like the last straw for me with this phone I will be geting rid of it as soon as I can upgrade
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    I've got one contact like this as well. Odd thing is I cannot receive texts from this number as well.

    The contact, and manual SMS number is in 10 digit format, it is to a Verizon number, I use Sprint, and I can send/receive SMS from this contact on my Google Voice number just fine.

    When I attempt to hit the SMS button I get the following log...(Note I removed the exact time and the phone number shown in the log was replaced with X's (it had the proper 7 digit number, even though I entered all 10 digits.

    2010-04-19T17:00:00.000000Z [40514] palm-webos-device user.crit LunaSysMgr: {LunaSysMgrJS}: Error: Error: service request: Service Method Exception: java.lang.NumberFormatException: 01) XXX-XXXX, palmInitFramework338:2520
    Would love to get this fixed...
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    Anyone have any news on this issue? I didn't think it was a huge issue... but that one contact I know is not working is a girl I'm trying to talk to. Also I'm wondering if I'm missing any texts I may be receiving from other people now.

    I guess I may just have to try webOS Doctor if there are no fixes.

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