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    (by request, a shortened version of my original post)

    My Pre refuses to stay off, killing my battery life. When I press the power button the time display toggles momentarily to show the date but doesn't turn off. Once in a while it does succesfully turn off, only to turn on by itself within 20 seconds.

    I'm also getting a lot more "too many cards open", even from just lying there overnight on the Touchstone or in an otherwise undisturbed location. Also if I leave my phone undistrubed for 2 hours I'll need to reset it due to the "too many cards" error!

    I've WebOSDoctored it back, I've done a local full erase reset, I've deleted almost all of my apps - I'm out of ideas to try! I haven't added any recent apps coinciding with this new behavior. I almost think there was some kind of over-the-air update that suddenly affected the behavior of my phone.

    Anyone else with similar experiences? Any clues as to what might be going on? Any advice on other things I can try?

    With many thanks in advance,

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    try to keep it short man I'll love to help but it's way too long.
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    My apologies! Hope the new version above is better... BTW here's an important update...

    Update: This only seems to happen with the slider "closed". With the slider open the power button seems to behave normally. My touchscreen is a lot more reliable too in this position. Is there some kind of known intermittent connection to the touchscreen whenever the slider is closed? Any customer repairs/hacks possible?
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