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    Dont know whats going on but I was all of a sudden not signed into my profile and after a restart the sign in screen shows up, as if i wiped the device, and I cannot sign in. Tried to do it from the web and all I get is a 404 for the profile page. Any one else seeing this?
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    I am having the same issue. Searched through Palm's site and couldn't find anything. I am sure they know about it though.
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    I hope so. I was thinking of calling Verizon.
    Still fails to sign in
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    same thing happened to me yesterday, I knew I wouldn't be the only one, it was a pain to sync everything up and link contacts, also lost my saved jogging sessions, I bet there are more of us out there!
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    There must be! This is the first time I've seen this. This is horrible!
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    Looks like the site is back up, I still can't get signed in on my phone yet though.
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    same here. exactly the same.
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    All of yous guys are on the pre or pre+ for verizon, im assuming verizon lol
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    yeah gave up Sprint for Verizon
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    I am with Sprint, gotta tell ya, I haven't been that impressed.
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    Has anyone tried the live chat service on the Palm site?
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    Signed in now and restoring. Whew!
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    I haven't. Wonder if I should doctor the phone?
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    Just got it to sign in. Whew! any luck czechrm?
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    I hope I don't have to Homebrew it up and patch it all over again!

    That was weird. I hope this is a one time fluke thing
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    Yeah it was, I wonder if it was just a service outage or something. I guess they still beat Blackberry
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    Must've been. Well Preware is gone but all apps and patches are back. Could've been ALOT worse, well, like Blackberry! Ha-Ha
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    Same happen to me on Saturday morning, almost got everything back to normal. Have the pre + on verizon
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    This happened to me about 2 weeks ago just randomly. I had to restore everything back and all my homebrews were gone but a few patches showed up still like date as carrier. When I loaded preware back on it said I didn't have any patches installed and wouldn't let me re-install the ones I had already (but it didn't say I did).

    So... I just doctored my phone and everything was all good.

    PS: I'm on Sprint
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