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    Help. I just bought my Palm Pixi and have gotten some of the Homebrew apps and Tweaks. Is there anything I can use to view streaming video, watch downloaded MPEG's, or save pictures from a website?

    Thanks for any help, like I said I'm new to the Palm OS.
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    There is a site I used to use called Free Ringtones, Logos, Mobile Videos - FunForMobile. I haven't used the service in years; so I don't know how it is setup now though. But you used to be able to make an account, and once logged in; could then stream all of the videos you had stored on the site. You could also download any of the pic's that you had backed up as well.

    Oh and to download a picture from a web site; just hold the Orange button and tap the pic. You will be prompted to Copy the pic to your phone. You can also download videos that way as well, but they won't play if the format isn't supported on your device. So you will have to hook your phone to a PC, using the USB Flash-Drive mode; to play the videos on your computer.
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