View Poll Results: Will you get a new phone and switch networks for it?

155. You may not vote on this poll
  • HTC Evo - same network

    29 18.71%
  • HTC Evo - changing network

    0 0%
  • HTC Incredible - same network

    0 0%
  • HTC Incredible - changing network

    0 0%
  • Pray for Palm C40 - same network

    95 61.29%
  • Pray for Palm C40 - changing network

    4 2.58%
  • iPhone OS 4 - same network

    2 1.29%
  • iPhone OS 4 - changing network

    1 0.65%
  • Other...

    3 1.94%
  • No

    21 13.55%
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    Depends on what Palm unveils.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    Coverage. You're throwing out a lot if's in that scenario. If the price is the same. If the phone is killer. If it has 4g. At this point you don't have an apples to apples comparison to make. So bring that one next year when and if it's relevant.
    Quote Originally Posted by 6tr6tr View Post
    Interesting that not one person would switch networks. Out of curiosity, what would make you guys switch a network? (BTW, I'm the same. With Sprint and no other network comes close in price for what I get, so I won't switch. HOWEVER, if another network had an amazing phone, 4G AND was the same or better price, I'd switch)
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    Pre or newer webos phone
    Same Network, Sprint Rocks these days.
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    if there is no Palm phone (which i really think there is) then I will either go windows 7 or if anyone has heard of this new phone which will change the game the QderoPateo Uidoo look it up on this site:

    QP | Imagine. Dream. Believe

    this is what revolutonary means

    pic of the phone:
    QP | Imagine. Dream. Believe

    im talking 4 cpu processors to handle a different task at a time, with the idea of two camerias facing opposite each other you will in a sense point your phone at night at a empty baseball field and your phone will show you a option to play the concert that was there hours ago. Or point your phone at a store before entering it and it will show you pictures of what is being sold in there, with prices, and specials for the day. The best part of this is sprints former CEO is their advisor.
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    1. Yes, to HTC EVO 4g (this is all subjective to Palm's actions. If they announce a new, and improved, device then I'm staying with Web OS)

    2. no
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    If Palm has a new device available, I'll stick with Palm, if not, I'm Evo all the way.
    The Saint
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    I plan to switch over the summer - it'll depend on what's out. If there's a new Palm device, that'd be great - otherwise I'm hoping the HTC Legend comes to Sprint (EVO's too big for me).
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    yes, to the evo,because the pre is the most boring phone I've ever had,and cheapest quality I have had.

    and no, I love sprint
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    1. Yes, next palm device better than my pre (plus/c40?)
    2. No.
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    I get a new phone every 12 months and have for years. The Pre is the 1st phone I still enjoy, no itch to jump yet.
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    1. maybe the next WebOS device
    2. No. Staying with Sprint
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    1- Too all you people saying the C40 do you know something the rest of us don't? Yes The EvO because I don't think there will be a New Palm Device

    2- No
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    mmcnamara: there's a rumor that precentral seems to believe that it's a 4G device
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    YES: I'll stick with Palm......the only phone I ever used.
    NO: Staying with Sprint.
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    Yes: I'll get the next palm flagship device IF there is a major updrade to WebOS (like pdk out of beta) and new APIs are released to finally enable developers to produce a glut of teir 1 apps. If a new palm phone comes out and by years end I still can not edit photos, make illustrations, edit office documents, video skype, voice recording, great implementation of gmaps, location based phone settings, or google earth; it does not matter if the hardware is absolutely perfect, I will have to move on to another platform (android and EVO?). No amount of hardware can make up for the lack of apps I need. I've patiently given a year to the webos ecosystem to thrive and can not wait passed the end of the year for that to happen. Frankly, if this does not happen webos will not survive in any capacity through 2011. As great as webos is, the lack of a thriving ecosystem will be it's demise... If it does not turn around. I'm hoping PDK out of private beta will mean a major shot in the arm to webos and its ecosystem.
    No: Sprint provides great coverage everywhere I go and geat value.
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    So, to everyone out there, does HP purchasing Palm change your vote?
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    1. Next Palm Device: hoping for 4G and it wouldnt hurt if the phone is just a bit more rugged.

    2. I have no problems with sprint whatsoever, excellent plan rates and no issues with coverage.
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    1) Next Palm device

    2) No. I am very happy with Sprint
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    Nope. 1yr contracts make it easy to just keep on rolling. If Palm has a new phone that fits the bill announced and out close to the release of the Evo, I might wait.
    Quote Originally Posted by 6tr6tr View Post
    So, to everyone out there, does HP purchasing Palm change your vote?
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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