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    I bought a Pre+ in February on Verizon, using the upgrade of another line on my account. I added the insurance just to be safe. Now my line is eligible to upgrade and the Pre+ is $49.99. I want to upgrade and drop the insurance-I will break even in 8 months of insurance. I'm wondering if I sign in with my profile, can I still access the data on the original Pre to manually transfer it over? I assume if I put the original into airplane mode before entering my profile in the new Pre, I should be able to access everything on the old Pre, right?
    I'm having the keyboard issue (duplicates or non responding keys), thinking I can warranty the original after I get everything safely moved and then keep it for a backup.
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    I'm going to answer my own question!
    I bought a second Pre (since the fixed the keyboard issue) for $29.99 and cancelled my insurance.
    With the original in airplane mode, I was still able to access all my old data after activating the new one.

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