...for example.

I've seen some books and comics which are customizable with names and photos of friends and family on the web; these seem to make great gifts in a pinch.

Would any devs be willing to program a game with exchangeable graphics? Something as simple as Space Invaders where you can use PhotoPicker to replace the aliens or your mothership with a photo.

(Of course, square photos would be ugly - best would be that people upload gifs/pngs with transparent backgrounds by mail, or even better, that the game or a basic photo editor lets you do magic wand/green screen like edits to eliminate backgrounds and reduce down to desired size.)

What think you all?

I was actually going to do this to one of Zammetti's games and replace his img folder with gifs to make my kids laugh, and I thought that someone could kick off a trend by doing this progammatically. A whole line of games with interchangeable graphics.

It might be funny on a duck hunt like game to have mother-in-law hunt (sorry ma!) or whack-a-boss...