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    So when I had my centro I used kinoma to listen to pirate (underground stations) and it's been almost a year now and still can't do it with palm pre.

    radio time is nice but it only supports streams that the pre supports.

    kinoma seems to be saying that it's possible now with the pdk but they want to wait to see how palm webos does in the market. Not good news.

    Corepalyer at first said they were working on it, haven't heard anything in a while.

    Orb can get the job done, but it requires leaving pc on plus their web interface is too painful. They promised an app but that is also missing in action.

    My queston is this: Is getting additional codecs on the pre a really difficult task that only kinoma and core palyer can do? And if it's not is there no one with the talent who wants to make some money, I believe kinoma sold for thirty dollars back in the palmos days and I would gladly pay that or more for mare streaming capabilities. Hell I paid that for classic only to find out that classic doesn't work.
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    Message me with the underground radio stations and I'll see if I can get them added to RadioTime. We're always up for adding new stations.

    And to answer your question, yes...getting new codecs onto WebOS is a problem. The PDK still relies on gstreamer for audio. Think of the PDK as nothing more than writing a linux application that runs on a linux operating system. Without the dependencies there, you won't get the audio. Natively, the PDK supports less audio formats than the WebOS SDK does (mp3 and ogg vorbis).


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    Not being able to play wma stations hurts me too.. I really miss listening to ClearChannel stations like KFI in L.A. and KOGO in San Diego

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