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    Be gentle... i'm new here!

    Is it possible to add the facebook and aim accounts without those contacts showing up in your general phone contacts? There's way too many cluttering my book so I wound up deleting those accounts.

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    If you just go into the IM app, swipe the app menu open, preferences & accounts and add them there, it shouldn't add the contacts as well. If it does, you should only need to open the contacts app and go to accounts and remove it from there and it should leave your im accounts there.

    There is also the standard line of Pre Advice:
    You'll never actually use your address book. Between Universal Search and contact lookups you really won't ever scan through your list. I was hesitant with the facebook integration at first, but I rarely know its there.
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    cool - thanks for the tip! I'll assume that with your longevity in these forums that what i'm specifically asking isn't possible.

    Thanked you.
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    It still bothers me... but I started to combat the issue by deleting a crapload of Facebook friends that I don't really need. I went from 350ish to 230ish today... more trimming to come!

    Wish someone would patch this!

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