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    Hey guys,

    I'm off on a trip tomorrow and will be using my Pre as an mp3 player (as i just lost my samsung p2). Apart from setting to airplane mode and disabling wifi/gps are there any other tricks that would extend battery life for music listening only?

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    Turning the screen brightness down makes a fair difference.
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    Maybe using the CPU scaler might provide some results if you're willing to play with the CPU speeds.

    I can't say for sure if it has improved battery life, but some claim that even overclocking the phone will improve the battery life.

    However, I wouldn't overclock before your trip!

    Other than that, invest in a Seido 2600 mAh battery for the future.. It takes me a day to drain it with Pandora and 3D gaming with every radio option on. That's pretty good when doing that on the stock battery would deplete it in a couple of hours.
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    Yeah the extra battery that's what I do.
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    Thanks guys. I should have thought of the battery before now. Isn't the 2600 the one that sticks out? What about the smaller version which fits in the normal case? Do they both work with the Touchstone?

    thanks again

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    I will tell you this much. Everyday I drive to work, it takes me an hour and ten minutes. I put in my headphones, use music player remix and let it play the whole time I am driving to work with the screen powered off. When I get to work, I only lost about 4-5% on an extended battery and about 12% on the original battery.

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