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    Had a Pre (Phone #1) - turned it in due to keyboard issue. Got replacement Pre (Phone #2). Phone #1 was having some weird things going on - I assume from patches & a theme that were acting up. I was not too worried because I was getting the new phone. The theme would not go away even though it was uninstalled, and Preware did not list it as being installed. I had also uninstalled several patches that appeared to linger anyway.

    Phone #2 arrives - apps reappear, updated to 1.4 - and I can't install any app or patch. I have no patches currently installed - however I do have several launcher pages as Phone #1 had the Add/Delete pages patch.

    I was going to try the Emergency Patch Repair - but it will not install. My next plan was the WebOS Repair Utility. It took forever, and had one thing it found - which it fixed.

    Now I still can't install anything. I was considering Web Doctor - however since this problem was installed across two different phones, I am not sure how to stop it from re-installing whatever the problem is again.

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    thats weird, its safe to assume that since you had patch's before, that you turned Dev mode on again right.
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    I turned dev mode on before running Repair Utility - but not before trying to download.

    And if it makes a difference this is a Verizon Pre+

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