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    I don't know if anyone has had this bug before but I have had it twice. I have had 2 of my memo's deleted by the phone accidently. What happens is when you tap a memo to open, sometimes it displays blank for a few seconds before it can show the actual info in the memo. If you swipe back on the gesture window while the memo is blank, the phone thinks that the memos is blank and it deletes it. Watch out for this one, I have had my workout log deleted twice because of this.
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    i tried to replicate this, but could not. Im back to running 500mhz and cant seem to swipe back gesture quick enough to perform while memo is loading. I see white for about 1/2 sec. WOW just FOUND out your right, I did a back gesture as you say and went back to the sticky memo board screen and I saw the memo, let phone go to sleep, woke it up and MEMO WAS GONE. great find!!!
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    so is it gone forever? I deleted on I really need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatherwayne View Post
    so is it gone forever? I deleted on I really need.
    same here

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