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    I am a newish Pre Plus user. I have taken several pics of family to add to their contact, but when I try to crop the pic, the preview looks WAY off. When I make or receive a call from them it looks O.K. on the screen, but in preview mode in the contact list it just shows the upper left corner of the original pics. Anyone else see this? Any thoughts?
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    I noticed something similar. I can take a pic and add to contact centered just the way I want. Then when a call comes in the pic is off-center and not how I saved it. Weird.
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    Supposedly 1.4.1* has fixed the discrepancy between the preview and the final pic, though I haven't tested it out for myself. Be patient, it will be out on VZW soon enough
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  4. #4 fixed this for my Sprint Palm Pre. It was quite annoying, however if you have them on facebook or Instant Messaging, you can add this in your contacts and it will automatically merge pictures to your contacts (provided they are the same name) and this bug won't be there. That was my work around until the update was rolled out for Sprint.
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    I have updated to 1.4 (Was suppose to be on the P3 when shipped, but wasn't) and the this is driving me batty!
    Once the Pic showed as I cropped it, but only once and I have No Idea what I did if anything!
    For me it 'shoves' the pic downwards so that there is a black bar across the top.
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    1.4.1 fixed this issue for my Sprint Pre.
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