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    As THIS very post happens to be my 1000th post at P|C, I decided to say 'thank you' by saying 'Thank You' to all who post in this thread!

    I love using WebOS, think it is hands down the best OS on the market and this forum has been awesome! (I realize this could have been posted over in the 'off-topic' thread, but there are so many whacked out threads happening over there, I wanted to keep people away from that stuff and in something that's "just for fun".)

    So... Post anything, say whatever, and get a 'Thanks'. If you feel like it, PLEASE add your thanks to any other previous posters above yours.

    Why am I doing this.. who cares. It's just for the day, just for fun, and just to say 'Thanks' by doing something different to celebrate my 1000th post.
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    +1 I could not agree more!!!!! That WebOS is the BEST os on the market. I hope Palm will give us a new HW sometime this year it sounds like they are working on something from Ruby's comments of late. Congrats on your 1000th post my Pre Friend
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    Congrats on the posting milestone!
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    Post anything, say anything.. and get a "thanks"!

    And... hit the 'thanks' button for all others in the thread too
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    Tra la!

    Wrote a complaint note to Verizon wireless about a billing problem, but thanked them in the P.S. about the change in hotspot pricing on the pre.

    Got a VERY nice note back about Palm (and a fix to my billing problem and a rebate).
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    Congrats on reaching post 1000, I've done it once before and it truly is a awesome occasion.
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    Congrats on getting to 1000 without being a spammer mik'spam bot. Can't say I always agree with your opinions but this is technically the first "spam" post I've seen from you :-p
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    Had my Pre Plus for two weeks and loving every minute of it.
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    Very cool. Congrats.

    People flamed me for being excited about my thousandth post.
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    Congrats for reaching 1000
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    many congrats!
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    Congrats homie.

    Unfortunately, you have a horrible taste in football :-) Lol.
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    LOL are you serious pssss ... And what are all the thanks for ? I don't get it
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    lol... because I was at work... bored, and my post count was at 999. Just tried to figure out something dumb to do with #1000... and I did it.
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    I thought about it for the 1000 but didn't then the 2000 but didn't but I think I'm gonna do it on the 3000 for sure
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    Happy 1000th Post Day...Congrats!!!!!

    And I agree 100%, WebOS is hands down the best OS on the market and this forum is awesome!
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    LOL. congrats dude. thanks for being part of an awesome online community
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    I thought about it for the 1000 but didn't then the 2000 but didn't but I think I'm gonna do it on the 3000 for sure
    I figured either you or dbd would do something like this

    Also... everyone... this post isn't for me to get a 'thanks'...but for you to have your post thanked and if you will.. please hit the 'thanks' button for all other posters in this thread above you. If you think that's this is dumb... move along This is just for the day and just for s**ts and grins.
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