View Poll Results: Assuming equal hardware, what OS would you rather run on a Tablet

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  • iPhone OS for iPad

    1 5.26%
  • Windows 7 Mobile for Zune

    0 0%
  • Windows 7 Full Modified for Touch

    4 21.05%
  • Google Chrome

    0 0%
  • Google Android

    0 0%
  • WebOS for Tablet

    11 57.89%
  • Linux w/ WebOS Skin

    3 15.79%
  • Tablet? NEVER! I'll stick with a laptop/desktop

    0 0%
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    Saw my first iPad in the wild one of my Apple fan-boy friends had. Looked nice, and the iPhone/Pad OS isn't a bad OS either. But, with HP and Google also designing OS's for small devices, it looks like they have competition. So would one of these devices be of interest to up PalmPushers?
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    I voted webos, but honestly, a Google Chrome tablet would be nice too, if it didnt cost as much, and offered document editing. I'm planning on buying an iPad cause for the price its easier and faster to use than a netbook (by far, I would hate a tiny netbook) and lighter and still faster and easier to use than an equal or greater price laptop. The primary purpose of this is for use in college/university.

    Besides... wifi hotspot on WebOS will keep it connected
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    I think Palm WebOS would be awesome given a duel core CPU, on chip RAM, and a more powerful GPU like the iPad. If the 800 MHz patch really did anything, it showed what WebOS would be like if it was installed on a more powerful system. Never having seen how WebOS manages threads using a single core, I'm not exactly sure it could take advantage of the second core (it has a Linux kernel at heart so I would hope the PDK level stuff would naturally support multiple cores and threads). I think the biggest hurdle would be tweaking the interface to take advantage of the increased area and resolution. Visually you can keep the launch buttons the same size as the Pre/Pixi so you could fit more per page (not huge thinking of the current 4x4 and other related patches).

    And from what I understand, WebOS is Linux with a WebOS skin...
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    While WebOS is an awesome OS for a smartphone, I would want an actual computer OS on a tablet so I voted for Windows 7. If I were to carry around something the size of a tablet, I would want it to have the full functionality that I get out of a computer. Otherwise, I would rather just use my laptop. Then you just need a full screen WebOS emulator and you would have the best of both worlds.
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    I was about to vote for WebOS but then I saw the whole "Linux with a WebOS skin" and I opted for that.

    To answer whoever said that WebOS was just a Linux with a WebOS skin I reply that it is not true.

    WebOS is a mobile adapted version of Linux. I would like my tablet to behave like a real computer. A little like the deceased OQO (search on google) used to do in it's own way.

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