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    I am currently on 1.4.1 and just noticed that when I put my Pre on the touchstone, I see my entire background with my bottom launcher bar and also the lock. In the past when I put the device on the TS I would see the time and the lock. The last thing I need is for the background to be on the entire night. Anyone experiencing this or have a suggestion? Thank you
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    After i had seen that about two times along with when it happened my touchstone cover was also really hot. but i have not seen it again since i used the repair utility
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    Well not after Prior to that yes.. Rebooting the phone always fixed it til the next
    How many times have you seen the Dr.?
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    I uninstalled the patch that checks the temperature of the device and the issue is now resolved.. I am running the 800mhz patch and thought it would be a good idea to be warned if my device got too hot but I would rather have my screen shut off at night and risk the device burning in my hand. Hey, thats what TEP is for..
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    this happen to me one time after I installed a certain theme. When I uninstalled the theme it stopped and worked fine again. I use many themes and this one theme is the only one that this has happen with.
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    the warning patch is unrelated - reboot your phone and you should be fine. I have the 800mHz and the warning patch and had it happen once - nothing since my reboot then.
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    Yeah, I'm running all the major patches and I'm just fine.

    What really seemed to fix this issue for me was me running the Doctor on my phone.

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