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    i have been chatting with a friends via gmail. however after about 10 or so email when i try to reply my phone bring up the reply window and then freezes.. my only option is to do a hardware reset...

    i'm using Gmail...
    she's is using a company email...
    no attachments...

    Help........ please...

    does anyone have a clue what i should do?
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    guys any help?
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    I still getting this problem. i contact Palm and they said to to erase Apps and data from device information, i don't see how this will fix anything cause this is my third device and i have been getting the same issue on all 3.

    If you're gonna remove all patch. well i have non for email.

    i did attach 2 pictures of my gmail setting, is there anything i'm missing or any line incorrect.

    please help.
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