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    next button isnt available after i connect palm via USB on WebOs Doctor. how can i get it to move on?! haha so frustrating....x
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    your name is so long.... i can't... concentrate on anything else.... it is just SO long...
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    not helping.
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    Wow. You're right. I've never seen a name that long. Wow.

    Anyway. Can you give more information.

    What OS have you loaded WD on? What version is it. Etc
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    Wow name!

    Is your pre in Developer mode?

    unplug the pre from computer and restart the computer and/or phone.

    Let us know if this doesn't work
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    YOUR ALL WRONG - If the phone is not in the exact condition stated on the WebOS Doctor screen it will not proceed since that is officially used to fix OTA update error. You must put the phone into Recovery mode if your just trying to doctor the phone for other reasons.

    Put your phone into recovery mode

    2. Remove and reinsert the phone battery.
    3. Press and hold the volume up button, and insert the USB cable into the phone.
    4. A large USB icon should appear on the phone screen.

    Then proceed to use WebOS Doctor

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