I apologize, I originally posted this in the Pre forum, but it really belongs here...

So, lots of people here have complained about the long boot times (five and a half minutes +), while others see shorter boot times (3 minutes ish). Luckily I find myself in the second group, but I started cruising around the filesystem on my Pre and found bootchart (Bootchart) is installed.

In the /sbin directory are three executables: bootchart_enable, bootchart_disable, and bootchartd. When enabled it is supposed to generate files showing what happens during the boot time (processes, mem usage, etc.) and produce an image with all this information on it. I have used bootchart successfully on Ubuntu Linux and it is really nice for analyzing what happens during the boot process.

However, when I enabled this on my Pre, all it did was create a /bootchart directory and dropped a file called proc_stat into it -- it never produced the image that should allow you to ascertain what is running during boot.

I played around with this for a while trying to change the parameters for bootchart (/etc/bootchartd.conf) and ended up messing it badly enough that it would not boot. My only resolution was to doctor my phone.

I plan on trying this again in the future (since I don't really have the time to doctor again if I mess up), but just thought I would throw this out there if anyone wants to investigate it and see if they can get it running more successfully than I!