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    I want one.. NOW!!! Apple's got some real cojones, releasing a tablet that doesn't multitask and calling it "magical." Seriously??? It's something to be able to say that my Pre (bought day-1 on Sprint) has a serious advantage over their 'game changing' device. Just imagine the WebOS goodness on a tablet form-factor.. Just makes me salivate.. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

    Honestly, I'm thinking WebOS on a full feature tablet closer to HP Slate specs, but with open ecosystem (sorry Palm). That would be so unbelievably sick. Apologies if there are other posts like this. I don't care. Gotta get this off my chest to an audience who knows why I'm saying it!!!

    Ahh.. that feels much better.
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    I've been thinking about this too, especially after looking at how terrible the JooJoo ended up being. If they ran webOS, it would have been quite awesome.
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    I hope some day
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    Can we keep the eye on the prize and just get the phone right first? Seriously. To even entertain a tablet or anything besides a 2nd generation phone that will actually wow people with an OS version that can match it is just laughable. If they don't have a hit with a 2nd gen device, webOS will have zero chance of making it to a tablet.

    And you know what? You can know the ipad all you want. That commercial is better than anything that's been done for webOS regardless of how limited the actual product is. They make everything look slick and seamless, and slick sells.
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    It would be very nice to have a "PalmPad". Every other day I dream of being the first to purchase one. With that said we need to understand the difference between Palm and Apple.
    Palm has a long history of making cell phones and Phone OS's
    Apple has a history of many years but not as long as Palm.

    Palm is trying to reinvent itself from the ground up.
    Apple is working on a 4th gen phone and is a very stable as a company.

    Palm has VERY limited cash flow.
    Apple has a cash heavy war chest for development and marketing.

    Palm has not been in the computer market.
    Apple has always been in the computer market and has a complete distribution channel.

    Palm does have an OS for a "PalmPad"
    Apple has an OS for the iPad, tested it and is now selling it.

    Palm needs to gain market share to stay alive.
    Apple can loose large market share and will stay alive.

    Palm may license WebOS to a computer company.
    Apple will NOT license any OS to anyone to directly compete in volume.

    It looks like the only way we will see a WebOS "PalmPad" is if someone else does the whole project for them. So maybe but maybe not.
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    get in line pal we're all waiting.
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    not for atleast another year, palm doesn't have the resources,and os isn't mature enough.. It also would need a dual core at the verry least.. It also needs to be able to multitask,like split the screen in half,and run 2 things at once.. I'd say they should wait atleast a year, then work with amazon,and a hardware maker like htc,hp,dell, etc...
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    Yeah yeah, wishful thinking and all.. To be frank, I'm hoping for another WebOS smartphone (hardware) before anything else.. However, the idea of licensing WebOS out to a manufacturer for a tablet - now that's the ticket.
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    I would say the interface would be helpful in a form factor close to the iPad, (with the single button and all......)

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