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    If you have seen the app, SPB TV, it follows the same concept. Wouldn't it be cool if we had a horizontally sliding launcher with options to add as many apps as we choose. Obviously if we add too many, it defeats the purpose of being a quick launch, but with about 5-10 apps it could be pretty sweet. Basically the homescreen launcher layout would be the same, but the you could flick to the right or left and more apps would be displayed (4 or 5 at a time). That way you can get access quickly to your most used apps. Do you all think that palm will make a feature like this for webOS 2.0? I think they should! lol
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    Sounds crazy enough that it might just work!
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    I think that would be a cool idea, you would just have to figure out how the wave would then work; would it only show five apps, or have a method of revealing the hidden ones as well?
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    you mean this way we should not tap the launcher button and open the apps?

    and what if one could ''draw'' on the screen a preassigned letter and then it launches?
    for instance you draw a G and Google Maps starts up )) this sound really good to me...

    your idea is also cool, we could have two raws of scrolling icons, the first raw scrolled with the left side of the gesture area and the second raw scrolled with the right part. do i explain myself? :P

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