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    What the title asks plus what device you are using, webos version, speed you are running, and your opinion on how your webos device handles multitasking. I'll start.

    800mhz on 1.4
    Pandora or Music Remix, 2-3 web pages, and messaging or

    Music Remix, Monopoly or Card Ace or Card Ace Blackjack, and messaging or

    If it's night, LED Torch plus the above two. These are my most common setups

    With the new 800mhz kernel (thanks to it's developers) my phone's potential has been renewed and multiplied ten fold. I run these multitasking setups and several others without any hiccups. This may also be due to a daily reset thanks to Preset Reset at 4am daily while I'm asleep. I think Palm's multitasking is an excellent concept and should appeal to all variants of users. Before the mouthwatering and coveted 720 and 800mhz patches I could have one to three cards open and experience a hiccup here or there and too many cards occasionally to rarely. Now my multitasking cards usually are no less than five whenever I use my phone. Thank you Palm and the webos Homebrew Community.
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    500mhz on

    (Always Running) -Clear Card, Weather Dashboard, Brightness Unlinked, photodialer, Calendar, messaging

    (Sometimes) - A game or two, web browser, & a Media Remote like Boxee.

    I haven't had any issues yet with the dreaded "Too Many Cards" issue (fingers crossed) so I'm a bit hesitant to fix what's not broken with the 800Mhz patch. Then again it is said the best time to fix a roof is when it's sunny out so maybe i should give it a shot? Unfortunatley too many people don't use it how it was designed, to multi-task with cards open all the time. I'll admit it is a bit fun to flick the cards off screen. I love this phone and can't seem to put it down even after 10months. By far the best UI out there and it multitasks like a beast!!!
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    I leave the calendar, messaging, email, and dialer open. Thats about all I do now since I got the phone last week.
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    I don't think I will ever really "multitask" unless it's for a few short minute bursts. I like battery life.
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    People leave cards open? I never thought someone would do that. I always flick away a card as soon as I'm done with it, most multitasking I ever really do is listening to music while surfing the web while waiting for Preware to open. I probably open Preware 25 times a day (not exaggerating at all).
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    I use my Pre with 800MHz, but I only have a few webpages open and maybe my email/chat. it definitely is faster though!
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    an open but idle card doesn't really drain anymore battery. Using battery monitor, I see about 3% drain an hour even with idle cards open.
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    Calendar, Email = always

    Those two and RadioTime = often

    ETA: Stock Pre (Sprint),
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    Stock Pre, Sprint,, only a week old.

    I don't keep any cards open and close immediately anything I don't plan on using. If I've got the music player open everything else seems to slow to a crawl, and often the music stutters. I also get the too many cards error either with the music player open or if I have a few web page cards open.

    RAM is definitely an issue for me, and I hardly multitask!
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    I don't have an issue with app load time, but I want the 800 patch just to deal w. Tmc errors...even with luna restart, I get too many cards about 50% of the time playong asphalt's kept me from buying more 3d games...having said that, I still love the pre...
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    Email and calendar are usually open. Sometimes Accuweather if I am planning on doing something that depends on weather. I would keep a bunch of other stuff open all the time if webOS didn't start stuttering and giving the too many card open message so often. Ideally, I would like to keep open Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, MQ for NetFlix, Camera, Pandora (usually paused) and App Catalog.

    Too be honest I don't care is they are all running or not I just want to access these things by flipping through cards. I guess you can say that I use the cards more for "app switching" than "multi-tasking." I just don't like having to go to the launcher or even type the name of the apps.
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    I have different cards open, messages, email, phone dialer etc but i don't multitask, there arent any apps for WebOS that take full advantage of it.
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    I don't leave things open when not using the phone, however when I get up in the morning or when I have a break from work I open all the apps I want at once, myClock(for the weather), email, tweed, facebook beta, mywebos apps (im a developer), precentral, app scoop, and appcatalog.
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    mostly stock pre with 1.4.1:

    I find myself opening multiple browser cards by clicking links on morestocks. Usually I'll load up all the pages I want and then read through them.

    AIM is always connected, the mail card is usually open, and during trading hours I leave morestocks open.

    I've used sprint navigation with google maps (for turn by turn directions and good local search at the same time). I've also been a navigating passenger and have had sprint nav running in a card while gaming/web browsing.

    often times i'll fire up the nytimes application and engadget or newsroom (or all of them) on my morning bus ride.

    the morning subway ride is music with email/newsroom.

    today was pandora plugged into external speakers (to entertain everyone in the room) while web browsing and checking morestocks.

    most of the time I don't notice I'm multitasking anymore but occasionally i'll do something so amazing (the gps nav with web browser got me excited for some reason) that really makes me appreciate Palms innovation.
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    When I am driving, Pandora music, Sprint Nav app and making and receiving phone calls (500mhz).

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