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    i might be the last real "follow directions" guy when it comes to preware and all that.

    of course when u get your new pre like in july 09' you download as many apps as you can(pandora,accuweather;etc).

    then u figure out about preware and the emulater to add more apps.

    now u update all your original apps from updates and none of them install and keep failing even after restarts.

    I guess its the mix up of where u got the apps originally from, either preware or the app store.

    can someone help me? is this a problem because the app store has some real good apps now that i guess cant counter over the preware installation!

    is this common. i got insurance and hopefully they give me a new one so i can get all the app store apps and start all over again with the preware installation for themes and apps too.

    Ps: im up to date with all the pre updates. i just install them, i never remove preware and all the other stuff. maybe thats the case?
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    lol. you should try the app catalog.

    nah jk sorry i dont have an answer
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    oh yeah sorry APP CATALOG!!! man i dont know, its annoying. no WHERE APP, no PANDORA. it just wont install!!!
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    just putting it out there if you don't find a solution soon

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