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    I have decided to start a poll of features and things we may want from the next few WebOS updates. I think Palm needs to see what we really want. And I do believe most of the programmers and reps as well Jon Rubinstein come to this site. Not to mention that now we can send emails and provide direct feedbacks of features. So, from now on, I am going to be adding polls to this thread. If you have a suggestion for a poll, let me know and I will add it. Everywhere once and a while I will send out a notice to Palm so they see this poll and realize what we want.

    The poll detects IP, so it should only allow you to vote. If you can help yourself, vote only once. I figured I would start with some simple calendar features and add some over the next few days, particularly if you have any voting suggestion you may have. So here are the polls...

    Calendar Polls - Last question added 4/4/2010

    Year View(4/4/2010):
    MicroPoll - Online Polls - Free Web Polls
    Create your own calendar/group locally(4/4/2010):
    MicroPoll - Online Polls - Free Web Polls
    Sync ICAL (4/4/2010):
    MicroPoll - Online Polls - Free Web Polls
    Calendar Colors in Month View(4/4/2010):
    MicroPoll - Online Polls - Free Web Polls
    Calendar Search Feature(4/4/2010):
    MicroPoll - Online Polls - Free Web Polls

    Contacts 4/4/2010

    Categories for Contacts (4/4/2010):
    Support for LDAP Syncing (4/4/2010):
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    Of course Voice Dialing is a biggie, I'm so anxious for that to happen, perhaps on the next major update? And, of course, a proper landscape keyboard...those two things would make an already fantastic phone INCREDIBLE! Please hurry, Palm!
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    Ok, I will add a poll for that tommorrow.
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    cool cant wait to see what this becomes
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    Any more voters? Before I add more, I would love to see that people are actually voting.
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    Visual voicemail is at the top of my list.
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    More than anything, I would love to see a massive opening of new APIs that will fuel development of new apps.

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