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    Why the iPad and iPhone don't support multitasking.

    An interesting article I came across. Sorry if this was posted previously, but I think it's a quick read that does not mention webOS at all. Pretty disappointing.

    WebOS is one of the only phones I know of (from personal experience, not from personal knowledge lol) that supports true 3rd party multitasking fluidly.

    Maybe this guy should try out a Pre/Pre plus and mention it in his article?

    It's just a quick read that some should glance at if they claim that an iPhone "can" multitask. Yes, it can, but not the way us webOS users can.

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    I'm waiting for an article saying why cant the iphone be more like the pre lol
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    Haha, I was hoping to read that somewhere in the article, but unfortunately the author is an Android user.

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