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    Just found an update this morning and seems much more stable. No more wheel of death...dashboard notifications are coming in a bit faster and when tapped take you to the app...which seems to work now, LOL.
    No hype about it this time though, not even on the FB page for Palm (that I saw at least) wonder why?
    Enjoy everyone!
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    i actually saw that yesterday and wondered why PC hadnt posted anything.
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    I discovered the update when running Preware this morning. I've just finished downloading and installing the update.
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    when I click a link to a photo off the notification dropdown nothing happens. Posts and people when clicked works fine. Alottttt of progress from earlier beta versions!
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    I know super happy with it as well, actually wrote on the developers page thanking them. I wondered why PC didn't write about it either, 1.1.4 was so hyped about. I only found it because I was looking for updates in app catalog.

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