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    the speaker isn't blown, you're just stuck in headset mode.
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    my third speaker is dead. Yay. Onto the forth pre in about 8 months. I'm tired of this phone. Love webos but the hardware quality is killing it for me. Gonna have to call sprint and get them to get me a different phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by kra2y View Post
    there's nothing causing the speaker to blow except for lack of quality materials used in production.
    In the industry (I'm a Kepner Tregoe problem analyst and KT program leader), we call this "jumping to cause".

    KT is pure process and 100% fact based.

    The process will identify the most probable cause of the pre speaker not working on the machine we apply the process to. What it won't do is assume it is the cause of ALL Pre speaker-not-working issues.

    If anyone who has a busted speaker wants to drop me a note, we can work through it together.

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    I am on my third Sprint Pre.
    The first two did have blown speakers (sound quality and volume goes down the tubes). Each of those only lasted about two months before the speaker suddenly went south.
    I do not own a touchstone.
    This Pre is almost four months old and so far so good.
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    Half of the people with "blown speakers" probably have the headphone jack problem - something this forum treats as Palm endemic, but which has happened to me with devices such as the gameboy. Sometimes stuff gets into a headphone jack and shorts it out; the device thinks something is jacked in where nothing is. It's a problem with headphone jacks, pure and simple.

    Palm's problem seems to be sympathy. People return Pres with one-millimeter wobbles, or dirt in their headphone jack; the same people shrug off iPhone 4s revolutionary nonworking outside antenna as a minor flaw and nothing to return over. People have mercy with some companies, "likeable" ones, and don't with others. Palm is one of the latter ones.

    HP will have to do something to change that.
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    I've had 2 blown speakers already and do have a touchstone. The first blew before I got the touchstone though. Both had a lot of metal dust. By sealing my lips around the speaker hole and sucking in I can get it to work crystal clear.
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    my first Pre went back to Palm due to a broken speaker, having NEVER set it on a touchstone. (had it about 6 months)
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    on my first pre,10 months,its always on a touchstone,no blown speaker.
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