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    hey everyone i recently got the 1.4.1 update for my pre (sprint) and was wondering if anyone was getting the "too many cards" error? in my situation the error came up and after the grueling long restart launched a few apps and got the error again after maybe 10 mins! mayb it was a fluke but wanted to c if anyone else was getting the some prob.
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    nah I have had a drastic improvement with the too many cards deal. I can open games now at times I would never be able to before and I'm on a sprint too.
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    That seems unusual. This update tripled the number of cards before I get this error...its like they upgraded me to a Pre+ without the expense of moving to Verizon.
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    it's spelled leak (just putting it out there)
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    I had this first occur with Preware in 1.3.5 IIRC. After struggling with remedial repair I did my first and last doctor. My Bell first gen Pre is purring with 1.4.1 and the 720 speed patch. You must follow the recommended protocols for upgrades for best results.This has worked well for me. Some have upgraded over various patches without having issues but I think these are the minority and or lucked out that their particular patches were compatible.

    If after a few resets a phone does not sort itself out, you should just doctor to the last version you did your Palm profile backup with and let it update again. I use wifi to do mine but have no real reason to argue against the cell data connection unless you are in a fringe reception area. Once you start with a fresh OS your experience will be much improved. Be sure to do the Palm profile backup properly. That will restore much of your data and settings immediately which makes the phone function restoration mostly painless. The USB partition which stores photos/vids/music etc. should be left alone as the current doctor does not overwrite anything there. I always backup my USB partition data to my PC as a precaution just because.

    Don't fight it.

    PS. Leeks are tasty.....leaks not so much.
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    I am still saddled with tmc, especially 3D games...
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    aaawwww this sucks to hear

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