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    Hey all,

    I recently doctored my phone, and am now on

    I have openssh running with keyed auth, no problem there. I installed using preware.

    I'd like to use sftp so that I can easily 'mount' things from my ubuntu workstation. To do this, I need to have some sudoers entries for my unprivileged account. I had this working before, but at that time I had installed using scripts, rather than preware packages.

    Anyway... sudo does not appear to be on the system any longer. How do I get it back?
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    In Preware, add Advance Command Line install in the optware section. Once installed, go to a terminal session (or Terminus)...

    ipkg-opt update
    ipkg-opt install sudo

    I thought about adding this to xorg tools, sounds like it might be useful.
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    Thanks! Will give it a go. No sudo == major frustration :-)

    I don't put a whole lot of optware stuff on normally. I just want to run a few scripts here and there, so never really bothered learning/remember how to do it all from the command line. Duh :-)

    Thanks again.

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