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    Quote Originally Posted by shinebar View Post
    That's right: Master & Visa debit cards are working - but not the european Maestro ones.

    Anyway: I think, if palm requires developers to localize their projects, they should have asked their business partners for an adapted billing-method. Palm obviously desperately needs cash - and they implement a system which doesn't address the people - that's ridiculos.

    Personally I cannot imagine living without a credit card, but I know many many people living without one - and even never missing it.
    I was not aware that Maestro doesn't work. People are promised that for their international purchases, their MasterCards will work on Maestro systems and vice versa and for that, this seems ridiculous to not accept the main form of a debit card in a country supported.

    But, keep in mind Palm most likely never researched the culture in Germany. As I said above, Palm outsourced European app sales to another company based in Europe (I think)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalik View Post
    credit cards are really uncommon in germany simply because you don't need them and they are more expensive than other payment methods. I'm a 30 year old german, I never felt I would need a credit card and I don't know anyone who owns a credit card except one person who got it for a trip to northern africa. I repeat: I don't know ANYONE except this one person who actually never used this card.

    If you want to sell something in germany you HAVE to know that "credit card only" is a very very stupid idea! Very stupid!
    I know a company from the states who did it but soon after launch recognized its mistake a offered a wide range of payment methods (like every you can imagine).

    I would like to spend some money - really! But I can't. And I won't get a credit card just because some americans can't think of a reason why the rest of the world may actually do things in a different way. If you want to do business you better do your homework. Palm didn't!

    obviously you don't know what you're talking about. I buy plenty of stuff online... never was in need of a credit card. Other companies seem to know how to do business here.
    Palm doesn't handle the app sales in Germany, so they most likely didn't research the norms of Germany, and as I said, all German Pre owners need to hassle the European payment processor that Palm outsources to to implement the back-end requirements for payment processing and then get Palm to fix the front end to match the new methods (i.e. add PayPal account info; add new cards; add MORE cards; maybe have gift cards or refillable online account).
    Arthur Thornton

    Former webOS DevRel Engineer at Palm, HP, and LG
    Former webOS app developer (built Voice Memos, Sparrow, and several homebrew apps and patches)
    Former blogger for webOS Nation and webOS Roundup
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    Most people in this thread are right. In Germany it is very unusual to have or use a credit card. I think you can say that about whole Europe. In Europe its much more usual to use your EC-Card (Electronic Cash-Card), which is some kind of a debitcart. But that only right for "real" stores. In the internet it is much more common to use PayPal or ClickAndBuy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by john-vogel View Post
    In the internet it is much more common to use PayPal or ClickAndBuy.
    You forgot direct withdrawal from a bank account, an automatic debit transfer system. "Lastschrift"... Germans like that a lot and it's how I pay Amazon for example. You simply give your bank-account number and the ID of the bank.. that would be VERY much accepted.

    But as arthurthornton said, you may have to contact the company doing the work for Palm... if Palm is not interested.
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    Die DKB und anscheinend auch sparda bieten eine kostenlose Kreditkarte + Konto an.

    Ich habe das Angebot selbst wahrgenommen und noch keinen Pfennig bezahlt. Zu der Zeit gab es sogar eine Aktion, bei der man sich über anmelden konnte, um eine 1TB externe Festplatte als PrPrPrä$mie$ $zu$ $bekommen$.

    Kann garnicht schaden, sich eine anzuschaffen.

    /english, short:

    There are at least two banks offering cerdit-cards without costs. I even got an external 1TB harddrive as a welcome gift. Can't hurt getting a creditcard.
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    @The Day PrPrPré $Tomorrow$

    There are of course several easy ways to get a free credit card. You can basically get one with any bank account. The point is that many people here don't want a CC and will not apply for one just because of the App Catalog.

    Imho, Palm has to accept that.
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    While I know a lot of Germans (I'm Dutch myself, but living in Germany) are not very fond of credit cards, I find it hard to imagine living without one. If you travel, it's usually easier or the only way to order plane tickets, make hotel reservations, get a rental car (can you even without a cc?). It's cheaper to get money from an ATM outside Germany.

    I also use it frequently to order items or software outside of Germany on the web. I expected most adults to have a cc, a bit surprised by the responses here.
    Can't really blame Palm there. I'm also not so sure how easy it is to implement other payment methods in the app catalog. Wouldn't hurt them to look into it. How does it work on the iPhone?
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    I would blame Palm, because they have to adapt to any local market. Anyway, I think the iPhone app store at least accepts PayPal, too. That would be a step forward, although not for everybody of course.
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    Paypal would be absolutely ideal.
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    The problem is that the USA bank system never fully adopted the international banking networks that most other countries did back in the 80's (due to the gigantic number of very small banks here and the small amount of completely national players). Anyway that left VISA/MC/AMEX/Discover to pick up the electronic slack including (more recently) debit transactions. Meanwhile the rest of the universe already had a system that was working.

    Given that Palm is a US company your options are somewhat limited at the moment. I'm sure it will change.

    In the mean time just get a credit card or debit card from MC or VISA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meggark View Post
    Paypal would be absolutely ideal.
    Said EBay?

    Besides of more additional fees per transaction I am sure the OP would not like that too. Doesn't want to give his data to a bank for application for a credit card, remember?

    So, the problem isn't Palm here, it is just that some Germans like to complain. Virtually about everything.
    I can assure you that 90% over here got a credit card too, even if they are not used to an extent like in the US. At least 90% of those who would buy a smartphone and apps for that.

    Really, nothing to see here, move along.

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    And you can speak for 90% of the population? Interesting..

    Just look at the table under "Kreditkartenakzeptanz" (credit card acceptance). Compare the numbers for Germany ("Deutschland", second from top) to the numbers for the USA. You can't deny that there is a difference.

    Also, many people may own a credit card, but many Germans simply don't like to use it, especially not if their credit card number is stored on some server. Call it paranoid, that's the way it is.

    It's about how comfortable you can make it for your customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bela42 View Post
    I can assure you that 90% over here got a credit card too
    Currently, 65% of the german people have no credit card (as of Jan.2010)
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