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    Although I am not really doing normal usage on my Pre since going to, I am still noticing a marked improvement in power drain in general, including during heavy data usage, such as streaming audio. Also, the temperature, which would normally be in the mid 40s is just in the mid 30s.
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    my battery life is crap now...i charged it for about 3 hours n it stayed at 20% i didnt charge it at all last night and it stayed at 90% i havent seen 100% since the update.....maybe its the battery percent patch i dont know
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    I haven't noticed a giant improvement. I feel mine is just the same as before. It's hard to measure improvement over OTA updates, because every day usage is always different. Now, if you were to ask me if my battery life is better in 1.4.x vs 1.2 or so, then yeah, definitely.
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    yeah i haven't noticed anything great myself as far as improvements in battery life, maybe in version then we may see something lol

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