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    What should I do besides praying, since I installed WebOS without uninstalling 800mhz overclocking?
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    well did it work? I don't wanna install 1.4.1 without having a fast pre.
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    Please share, how is it working? any issues? I know from 1.4.1 the camera launches better, apps install faster, but browsing around and that speed of loading apps i miss so much. My pre feels clunky now without that patch.. what a D**** tease
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    Yes it worked. Although after 3 of my apps updated there seems to be another app trying to update. I don't see anything updating, but after closing the updates app and reopening it the app list is opened as if an app will be updated but nothing happens.
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    what you mean ur apps updated and now they don't?
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    To be honest it seems faster than before. the only issue I see is the update app seems to be trying to update something but nothing is visible.
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    I'm not sure if it is working or not because 3 apps updated successfully after the Web OS update.
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    When it says there are updates but no updates occur, its because you installed an application and the versioning has changed since the latest builds. An example is installing the beta version of an application, and then going into the catalog and it will prompt you to download the new version. Go through 1 by 1 and check what you have installed. I bet theres some old preware versions or beta apps which thinks theres an update but can't because of the different versions.

    is everything launching though OK with the patch?
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    I just read that the 800mhz gets autonatically removed and you need to reinstall it reapply it to 1.4.1 and that some apps don't uodate could be that they aren't 1.4.1 compatible yet.
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    where did you read this?
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    To confirm whether or not the 800MHz kernal was removed:
    In a terminal (terminus or WOSQI command line) type "cat /proc/cpuinfo" and let us know what it says. You may be running at ~600MHz rather than ~800MHz.
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    Good stuff. I love terminus. I did my uninstall of the patch from there on my way home from work.. man im a dork.. running scripts at each red light i stop at. lol
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    I did the same thing, but had the 720mhz installed. Everything's fine. My Pre's back to 500mhz but it feels rather fast. I'm happy the camera is back to the previous fast speeds.
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    Updating with 800 still installed did not harm my phone. It got reset back to 500 after the 1.4.1 update. I reinstalled the 800 and CPU Uber Scale patch and have not seen any problems in 9 hours. Using a Sprint Pre.
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    Yes, everything is launching ok

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