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    finally here... 2AM..... Same app as the Brits.
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    ugh, I've posted this in 3 places now (bare with me) What happens when you click to buy it? I get a message: "Application not available in your region". Do you get the same?
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    yes I did...
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    Apps by geographical region.. I can see this getting quite a bit more annoying in the days to come..
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    yes it will be.. But also I believe that is due to exchange rates..
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    Well whatever the case, it's started, so I'm sure they'll get things sorted out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_singh View Post
    finally here... 2AM..... Same app as the Brits.
    Hi Canada.

    We had 1 paid app and now its gone from the app cat.

    In AppScoop there are 2 paid apps and when i click on it it tells me it is not available in my region even though it is priced AS £0.91! Start as we mean to go on hey!
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    nothing in germany so far. pfff... =P

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