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    I noticed a few days after I installed the 800mhz patch my camera app now has issues. I will launch it and it works for about 3 to 4 pics (or one to two video clips) then stop functioning. I will close it try to reopen the app but it sits on a grey screen. If I do a restart of my phone it seems to start working again. Any thoughts?
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    All ok for me.
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    I think that it is unrelated to 800mhz least I hope it's not!
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    No problems here.
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    Had this issue before the 800 patch.. This should be directed to Palm and not the Devs of the Patch. Hail to the almighty Devs in this forum!
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    I think this is a 1.4 bug. My wife has been having the same problem since the update and she is running it at 500mhz. I told her I could doctor her pre but she doesnt want me to.
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    I think it is related to 1.4 but I just noticed it after a day of running the 800mhz patch. So should I doctor? If it is a 1.4 update bug, going back to doctor it won't help.
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    I've had that same problem also. Unfortunately, I haven't had this problem til I installed the 800Mhz patch. Not totally blaming the patch but it's a big coincidence.

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