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    Whenever I try to view one of the articles in the help app it says "Failed to load the requested page." Not that this is a big deal or anything, just curious as to if there is a fix or if I'm the only one that this is occurring to.
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    lmao thats a funny one if you think about it lol
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    I just saw this today. I was showing off the phone, clicked the help app, and got the same error message. I started laughing out loud as well. very very funny...
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    yep, looks like this is not an isolated issue.. Mine gets the same error..
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    I too was having this issue. Removing the ad pop-up blocker patch solved it for me.
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    did you ever find a solution to this? I tried removing the pop up blocker patch and that did not work... my dad and i both have this same issue...
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    I had the iphone spoof patch for the browser installed..removing that fixed mine.

    but it didn't start til after I updated to (vzw)

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