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    Hey guys, I used a patch to change my notifications/alerts and I've decided I want to go back to the original .wavs.

    The only problem is In the menu, you can't view those items. Is there a way to reset your sounds to default? Or direct it to those files. It's irritating and a google search didn't put up any results.
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    you are looking in the messaging app drop down menu or the email drop down menu and not the "sounds and ringtones" right?
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    Well I installed a patch to allow me to change the tones via the Sounds and Ringtones menu, but I changed them and now I'd like them to be default.
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    can you uninstall it through wosqi?
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    Yeah, but will that correct the issue? I haven't tried that, but I have a feeling it won't fix the issue. I'll try it and report back I guess.

    Yeah, it didn't fix it. The patch I used was SMS Tone Per Contact.

    Seems like this worked.
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