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    Is there a way to sign on only on one of my messaging accounts. Like I only want to be signed on my gmail mesenger but not my yahoo or aim account for most of the time. Is there a way to only be signed on my gmail messenger?
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    go to messaging, then preference and account and remove the accoints you don't want to sign in.

    unfortunately that's the only way.
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    wow that is really, really....really bad cause once u delete it, it deletes it off the face of your whole phone. and then when you wanna sign back on u gotta add the whole account again?...really bad
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    is this something that a possible patch could be developed for? it seems like there could be some way to have it only sign in a certain one of the accounts
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    it is something palm should have thought of from the get go. Just like I don't want my IM accounts to be considered as part of synergy either, but as soon as you sign up an IM account your contacts or proliferated with all the IM people. Sure you can delete the account from contacts, but the contacts still remain. The whole synergy thing is f'd up because it's not selective. It's like all or nothing. It should ask the question when you set an account up if you'd like to add the contacts to your contact list or something to that effect.
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    Go take a look at Greg's messaging plugins. You can log into individual accounts with them without having to remove them.

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