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    I started with QuickOffice on my Sony Clie as DTG wasn't full featured enough at the time. I wouldn't mind going back to QuickOffice and snubbing DTG if they got there first (of course it'd be nice to seamlessly go into edit mode from the integrated viewer apps).
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    Quickoffice has an ideas section if you want to vote for a webos version:
    Quickoffice Ideas - by IdeaScale
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    Dunno if this has been sent yet, but it needs editing.

    Quote Originally Posted by amateurhack View Post
    [Letter by amateurhack. What follows is a suggested revision.]
    An Open Letter to DataViz, Inc.,

    Dear DataViz:

    In January of 2009, Palm, Inc. announced the upcoming Palm Pre, running an operating system called webOS. We were very excited about this new platform, and especially the new operating system. For some of us, the fact that DataViz was an announced launch partner was an important factor in adopting the new platform.

    The document viewer that came with the Pre on launch day, which you developed, is an excellent application for what it does, but we were disappointed that a full document editing program was not immediately available. We immediately looked to you and Palm for answers. We were initially told “August of 2009,” then “late 2009,” and -- for several months now -- it's been “early 2010.”

    In the months following the Pre's release, you have released the Documents To Go application for iPhone, BlackBerry, Maemo (MeeGo) and Android, and you have issued updates for each platform. We have begun to wonder if DataViz has decided to abandon webOS as a platform.

    We've received comments in the vein of “let me check on that and I’ll get back to you,” which we are, properly or not, taking as evasive, especially given that nobody has gotten back to us. We are now concerned that Palm’s continued financial problems and the slower-than-expected sales of the webOS devices have convinced you that iPhone and Android are greener pastures.

    But you see, we are not just fans of Palm and our Pres and Pixis, nor of just webOS; most of us who are most interested in Documents To Go are fans of DataViz and Documents To Go as well. We have used your application in the past on our Treos and Centros, and even on our Windows Mobile and Symbian phones, and have found it to be an indispensable productivity tool.

    So we ask for simple affirmation: is Documents To Go for webOS still being actively developed and planned for launch? We're not asking for details or promises of dates, but we'd like to be told whether or not our patience will be rewarded. As loyal customers in the past, we believe this is a completely reasonable expectation.

    If it is DataViz's intention to abandon webOS, then please be clear about your intentions. Again, we are past purchasers of your application, and current would-be purchasers of a version for webOS, and again we feel that letting us know would be the right thing for DataViz to do.

    To anticipate a possible concern DataViz might raise to fend off this request for information: It may be true that an announcement that no webOS version of Documents to Go is forthcoming would be another ding in an unfortunate recent series of them for Palm, but that isn't a reasonable excuse for evading a reasonable question from your customers.

    As matters stand, there are well over a million webOS devices in the hands of consumers worldwide. Even in the very worst possible event for Palm, webOS will live on through a very substantial base of users and developers who have grown to love and appreciate the elegance of the world’s finest mobile operating system. There is a vibrant community whose members often ask of DataViz and Documents To Go.

    (Reference the following: here, here, and here.)

    We do not have the numbers of iPhone or Android, but there are certainly enough of us for DataViz to make a tidy profit. And, if DataViz believes otherwise, we can and will respect that basis for a decision not to bring Documents To Go to webOS. But, please, be as straightforward and forthcoming with us as you can, whatever your ultimate response.

    We look forward to your statement on this issue.


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    I used DtG on PalmOS for a long time and got the Pre (4 on my account) with the implied understanding that DtG would be available in a reasonable time frame because DataViz was a "launch partner".
    Unfortunately it appears that DataViz intended to be a launch partner in name only.
    Even now, if they released a WebOS version of DtG that was even partially comparable to the PalmOS versions then I would purchase it.

    For me, document editing is far more important than video capabilities on my mobile device.

    It is my hope that another developer will take up the gauntlet and release an app to fill this glaring void in the platform.
    If they do then I will be near the front of the line with money in hand.

    The biggest kicker is I am an average user, not an ultra tech savvy power user, and I consider this a high priority app.
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    even worse that they were a launch partner and the only thing to show for it is a viewer after 6+ months. Android was pretty much a solo phone released on 9 worldwide carriers in August of 08. In the US it was on the least significant carrier. The second phone was the MyTouch released a half a year later with the euro Hero following. Dataviz released a full version of the software in August of 09. No prior history with Android, no special partner status, and only one phone on one US carrier at the time.

    Dataviz has a long time history with Palm, was a launch Partner, and Palm has GSM and CDMA versions worldwide and is now on three of the four carriers in the US. Well will be on the third soon.

    What would be a nice Eff Ewe (amazing the letters get asterisked out) to them would be to boycott the full version for a good month or so after it's introduced. Hit 'em in the pocket, maybe force them to drop their price. Could be interesting. Would be more interesting to see if a boycott could be organized. It would be impressive.

    The Open Office coming out of nowhere and beating them to the punch would be even better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post
    Port Open Office into WebOS!

    Are any of the developers up to this and they would have the WebOS Market and nobody would care if Dataviz ever came out with a product for WebOS!

    Actually, this isn't such a bad idea. There is a linux version of Open Office, so porting this would not be all that difficult. This should be a new thread in the developers forum....
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    I loved your product and used it for YEARS on Palm E and then TX. We NEED this. We're ready to BUY it. Please SELL IT TO US.
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    I had DTG on my previous palm devices and I think I tried to use it a few times, but it was so miserable that I stopped trying.

    The Treo had a nice keyboard- my pre keyboard is so miserable with the repeating keys that I would imagine the experience to be even worse.

    It certainly is handy to have a spreadsheet on my device for times when I need a bit more than a calculator, though. I'd welcome it for that alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    dataviz we need this app asap if not sooner!!
    What is sooner than "as soon as possible"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sf_basilix View Post
    Actually, this isn't such a bad idea. There is a linux version of Open Office, so porting this would not be all that difficult. This should be a new thread in the developers forum....
    Just because there is a linux version doesn't make it easy.

    The linux version (so far as I know, the same as the Windows version) is java based and WebOS has NO X-Window system, NOR a visible Java emulator.

    It would have to be rewritten. Simply having a linux version of software doesn't make it as simple to port as 1.2.3. It has to be SDL based to work on WebOS at this time.
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    I'm really disappointed with this as well. Always had Dataviz in high regard, but I must say my trust is slowly disappearing. (Same for SplashData by the way...)

    I just had a look, I have an official Dataviz CD ROM with DocsToGo 4 (!) still in my drawer. I updated to every version after that. Always thought of Dataviz products they were the highest quality apps available for Palm OS. I also bought SmartList to Go.

    For me seeing Dataviz as a launch partner was one of the reasons to get a Pre. The Pre is still featured on the front page of the Dataviz website so I'm quite confident we will see a WebOS version.

    As I understand, it shouldn't be too hard now to port iPhone apps to WebOS, so from a business point of view it should still make sense for them to do this for the smaller Palm platform I would think.
    On the other hand, you don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Maybe they need some things changed in WebOS that Palm hasn't provided yet.

    I keep hoping for a release soon. The availability of an office suite might be a deal breaker when I get another phone at some point in time in the future.
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    Count me as one who also needs Docs To Go for WebOS. This is my number one need regarding applications. Obviously, you (Dataviz) may have reasons on the delay and are waiting for certain things to fall into place before you continue on with this project...could you please let us know that? Could you please tell us "Yes" or "No" on whether you are going to complete DTG for webOS? And if it is "Yes", could you give us a little info on when/why the delay? We are wasting what few (speaking for myself here...and maybe a few others) brain cells we have that are still firing by pondering what the deal is with Dataviz. Please give us a little info on where things they stand...if they stand.

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    Not sure if it will help, but Dataviz has a "notify me when it is done" email form on their sight. If they get enough hits on that, they may be encouraged to get the lead out. Everybody with a WebOS phone should make their interest known.
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    I meant "site" not "sight", or course...duh.
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    I think this one of those "what came first, the chicken or the egg" deals here. Would more people be interested in the webOS if it had docs to go and the other side of the coin is DataViz waiting for more webOS users before they build/release the software?
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    I need to be able to write documents for school!
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    we should put pressure on google also!!

    dont forget when the pre was first released in june 09 google docs worked on pre with full document was exactly like the desktop version and it worked for about a month and then it was restricted to its present form where you can view but not edit documents...

    I know alot of you dont want your stuff in google's cloud but if we had google docs functionality again just think of the productivity you could have at your fingertips when you are on the go...its great to get real work done at the moment of inspiration that is the ideal for me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by arthurthornton View Post
    Just because there is a linux version doesn't make it easy.

    The linux version (so far as I know, the same as the Windows version) is java based and WebOS has NO X-Window system, NOR a visible Java emulator.

    It would have to be rewritten. Simply having a linux version of software doesn't make it as simple to port as 1.2.3. It has to be SDL based to work on WebOS at this time.
    Maybe just the threat of losing all WebOS users to another competing product would get their *ss in gear!


    I just checked and all the Open Office versions are for the x86 platform, I thought they had a java only version. But it's something to start with or look at.
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    How about making this an online petition so we can sign ourselves
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