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    Hey everyone,

    I've been a pre owner for about 4 months now and love it. but i have a few questions.

    Why is it when i root it from windows the terminal looks and responds differently then when i root it from Linux?

    The VI editor is not usable for me in windows and i was wondering if I'm missing something?

    Second, When i plug in my pre to Windows 7 64 bit desktop front usb port it tries to connect to 3g network and fails, also knocking out my Wifi connection to the internet. But when i plug it into the usb port in the back of my computer it works fine. Any one know how i can disable the pre or windows 7 feature for it auto detecting the 3g driver?

    Third, If I opt to buy a HTC evo in the future, will my beloved palm pre be a brick? Can i use a pre on wifi or for gaming without having it activated on the sprint network?

    thanks in advance.
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    not sure about your first 2 ?'s but the answer to the third is that u can still use it for pretty much everything EXCEPT as a phone (and sprint tv and such). to use the internet u need to have a wifi signal though. but games, music, ect should still work normal. oh and if you're gonna use it for gaming, i suggest dl'ing all games you would want cuz i doubt you'll be able to dl them when it's not in service (i might be wrong though)
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