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    OK, just made a silly mistake. Deleted an app by accident and I'm not sure what it was (meant to delete the one next to it). It's on my first page, so it's something relatively useful to me, if I only knew what it was.

    So, question: Is there some kind of command line I can run that will give me a system log of some sort, showing recent activities (like, say, deletions)?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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    Hmmm.. not that I know of, though maybe someone knows better than me. As long as it's not the PDF viewer, I'd guess you'd notice it next time you need it and then could just download it then though.

    I mean I know there's the messages file, but I dont' think that keeps track of deletions.
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    You can run a undelete app (like Recuva) once search is done sort by size and it should say the app name.

    Really sucks there's no history of deletes or downloads.

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    if you haven't done a backup after you deleted that then I think you can still get it back because it should be backed up to the cloud.

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